Our Services

Furniture Cleaning & Protection

Armtech cleaners have the knowledge and experience to handle various types of fabrics and materials. They understand the specific cleaning re - quirements for different upholstery, whether it’s leather, fabric, or synthetic materials.

Cleaning Services

Armtech Services offer a wide range of professional deep cleaning solutions for your business premisis. with over 15 years of experience reinforced by professional and well trained manpower ,Armtech services provide the latest technology when it comes to cleaning

Pest Control

Insects and rodents can be the most troublesome intruders, often hiding in plain sight until the problem becomes severe. At Armtech Services, our professional team specializes in identifying and addressing pest issues before they escalate.

Disinfecting & Sanitization

In a world filled with viruses, microbes, and germs lurking around every corner, it’s crucial to safeguard your environment against potential diseases and infections


Our experienced team combines efficiency and precision to tackle everything from electrical and plumbing issues to HVAC maintenance.

Our Products

Shop with us with Avella products for furniture and carpet cleaning.

ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS Our products are 100% ecological and specially formulated to provide upholstery care while also caring for the planet.

About us

Armtech SARL for trading and contracting, was founded in 2004. Due to the huge effort done by the management to brand the name Armtech so that it would be recognized in a short period of time using the professionalism and the credibility as a high business ethics, Armtech managed to establish by 2012 a new department which provides many facility services for hotels and restaurants “floor care, marble restoration, carpet dry cleaning…” and many more services using, always, new technology and high quality in servicing. During more than 10 years of facility services, Armtech managed to make an excellent portfolio in the market. From our clients “Hilton, Movenpick, Grand hills, Le Royal, Kempinski…etc.”

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